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Journalism Jobs

Journalism jobs cover a broad field that encompasses a variety of careers and work environments. Journalists are needed to provide news and interesting content for newspapers, radio, television and online sites. Examples of journalism jobs include newspaper reporters, broadcast journalists and foreign correspondents.

Newspaper Journalism Jobs

Newspaper, periodical, book and directory publishers employ 21,270 people in the nation, making newspapers among the largest employers in the industry. Reporters, columnists, editorial writers and critics are all needed to supply content for each issue and deadlines are crucial to the business. This is perfect for someone who thrives on the excitement of fast-moving headlines. Most reporters that work for local newspaper and periodical publishers stay close to home, making it a great fit for someone with a family to take care of at home. Investigative reporters and photojournalists often get the chance to travel on assignment and would be an adventurer's dream. New York has the highest employment percentage for reporters and correspondents, and the average journalist salary there is $76,590.

Radio and Television Journalism Jobs

Broadcast journalists are needed for both formats. They research, investigate and deliver current news content for television, radio and internet sources. Radio and television are responsible for 11,480 jobs in the journalism industry. They present an unbiased and accurate story in an interesting way forVocal control and an authoritative tone are necessary tools for the broadcast journalist and, for television, they are usually photogenic and comfortable in front of the camera.

Freelance Journalists

Another segment of the industry is made up of journalists that work for several companies as an independent contractor. With the ease that the internet has brought to the submission process, many freelance journalists are able to work solely online from their homes. One of the biggest benefits to freelance writing is the freedom to design your own work schedule. Writing jobs are expected to grow by 8 percent. Median pay for writers is $61,820 annually.

The diversity of journalism jobs ensures that all writers and reporters can find a niche that suits their talents. A career in journalism can keep you close to your home and family or take you around the world, whichever you choose.

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